Vegetarian Cape Cod

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Originally Made November 12, 2006

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Couscous-cranberry-walnut stuffing.

Acorn Squash purchased from Lambert's Rainbow Fruit in Centerville, Whole Wheat Couscous from Job Lot in Buzzards Bay (for cheap!) and dried cranberries and walnuts can be purchased from Trader Joe's.

Vegan pizza!

The "cheese" is Veganrella, purchased from Cape Cod Natural Foods in Centerville, the Yves "pepperoni" from Stop & Shop, and the crust is a Whole Wheat-Cornmeal mixture. The whole wheat pastry flour can be found at Cape Cpd Natural Foods.

Ah, 6 months and not a single post!

Shortly after starting this blog, I changed jobs. This one usually put me at home or near home at lunch and dinner, so I stopped eating out nearly as much. Plus, to be honest, I like the same-old, same-old, and tend to eat at the same restaurants. So, instead of posting about eating out on Cape Cod (which I will still do occasionally), I will be posting about eating at home and cooking on Cape Cod, with foods readily found here. Since I do live on the tiny part of Cape Cod that is not over the bridge, I do much of my grocery shopping at the Stop & Shop in Wareham and the Shaws in Ceaderville, neither of which are part of Cape Cod, but I've not ever found things there I can't find in their analogous stores over the bridge. Otherwise, all posts on "where-to-but" will feature Cape stores.