Vegetarian Cape Cod

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Being a vegetarian on Cape Cod has not been the easiest experience, especially when it comes to eating out! I hate going to eat places where my only choices are salad or plain pasta.

I've been stuck in a rut lately. I've taken lately to eating at a burrito place that's near my work whenever I don't bring my lunch. While I really like Burrito Bistro, eating the same thing all the time isn't good for you! So, I'm going to be trying out some different places on Cape Cod for lunches, primarily. My criteria: less than a 15 minute drive from either my office, or the next place that I have to be; more than 2 vegetarian options on the menu that do not include cheese or eggs as the sole protein source; items must either be under (approximately) 500 calories for a serving, or be really, really, really filling. I'm fairly certain the burritos I've been eating are more than 500 calories, but they fill me up so I'm happy to only eat a piece of fruit for dinner.

Here goes!


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