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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vegan Mac & Cheese

The "cheese" is Follow Your Heart vegan Monterey Jack, available at Cape Cod Natural Foods. The rest of the ingredients, whole wheat elbows, soy milk, panko, olive oil and spices are all readily available at most grocery stores. It doesn't taste like regular mac & cheese, but it still has a nice flavor.

The only place I've found truly vegan soy cheese on the Cape is at Cape Cod Natural Foods, though it's probably available at other natural foods stores as well. The ones that are available at the regular grocery stores and Trader Joe's contain casein, so they are not vegan. If you happen to find vegan soy cheese, note that only the Follow Your Heart and Vegan Rella brands will melt when cooked. Other brands will retain their shape. They taste fine, but have a very different texture!


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